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История на SWAP Кафе
Varchev Finance is a leading financial and investment company offering first-rate brokerage services on the capital markets, investment intermediation and consulting, assets management in mutual funds and fiduciary management of individual portfolios. Investment Company Varchev Finance is a licensed investment intermediary, a member and a shareholder of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange in Sofia and main depository of joint-stock company and a member of BALII (Bulgarian Association of Licensed Investment Intermediaries). Varchev Finance Company is regulated by the Commission for Financial Supervision and by the Bulgarian National Bank.

Varchev Brokers is a leader in the currency (FOREX) trading with more than 60 currency pairs and CFDs of more than 300 financial instruments, direct access to the stock exchange markets via L2 Dealer in partnership with the leading English broker company ? IG Markets. On the internal market the company carries out trade and brokerage with shares and bonds, IPO & SPO emissions managing, auctions, mergers and acquisitions. Investment Company Varchev Finance offers the best conditions in Bulgaria for online trading with the Bulgarian Stock Exchange in Sofia using the platform COBOS


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In Swap Cafe you can feel the spirit of the world’s financial markets enjoying specially prepared for you cocktails, an atmosphere filled with the success and the ambitions of the business leaders.

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